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Application for funding – TFG (The Foschini Group) CSI

Dear Applicant

Please ensure that your project meets our funding focus of “creating opportunity for employment” which involves supporting knowledge and skills development, entrepreneurship, job creation and giving back in order to empower and sustain the communities within which we operate.

Note: If we like what we see, we will contact your organisation to provide us with more detailed information and further supporting documentation.

Who Should Apply?

TFG invites registered non-profit organisations with a proven track record in creating opportunities for employment to apply. Applicants should submit proposals for projects that:

Will lead to opportunities for employment, especially for people aged 18 – 35 who make up the highest proportion of unemployed people in the country

Benefit historically disadvantaged people – as per the definition in the BBBEE codes

Will be implemented by a registered NPO with a proven track record, strong governance, and thorough monitoring and evaluation systems

Projects that give people skills and/or create jobs and provide support with finding employment will be given preference.

Date application submitted:

Person submitting this application:


Name of Organisation


Telephone Number


Skype I.D

Facebook Page




Google Plus


Physical Address

Postal Address

Primary Contact Person

Position/Role within the


Telephone Number

Email Address

Alternative Contact Person

Position/Role at Organisation

Telephone Number

Email Address

Organisational Background,Objectives and Mission

When was the organisation started? Explain the future your organisation is working to create and the work your organisation does on a day-to-day basis. In other words what is/are the main reasons you exist (Max. 200 words).

In order for us to ascertain whether we can consider your organisation for funding, we need know whether your organisation can produce the following documentation on request:.

(Please do not send us these documents unless requested). Tick where applicable.

Formal constituting document such as an Association Agreement, Constitution or other NPO (Non Profit Organisation) Registration Certificate

National Tax Authority NPO Registration Letter Most recent audited financial statements Annual Report

Most recent report submitted to the Directorate of NPOs and the National Tax Authority in fulfilment of the requirements of registration as an NPO

Certified copy of your bank details from the bank Copy of most recent telephone account or utility bill

A List of your organisation’s Board/Committee Members and contact information



Project Name

Project Location

(Indicate the town/city, e.g. Khayelitsha, Province, e.g. Western Cape, where you project is located)

Project Duration: (How long will your project run for, e.g. 1 year, 2 years, 6 months).

Proposed Start Date

Project Background and Rationale

Executive Summary: please give us a short description of the proposed project (max 500 words) Include information on how many people will be trained and/or gain employment and/or become economically sustainable as a result of this project.

How much money are you requesting?

Who will be in charge of implementing the project? (Please list the people responsible for implementation as well as financial administration) (Provide details of qualifications or experience that demonstrate his/her/their experience and expertise)






























What Service Providers and/or Partners will you use to implement your project?

Service Provider















What is your organisation’s track record of implementing similar projects?

Detail how many similar projects you have implemented, how many people this involved and what did your organisation achieve.

(Max. 300 words)


TFG only accepts applications for funding during an annual set window period.

The period for receiving applications during for the financial year 2013/2014, runs from 1 March to 31 May 2013.

Applications received before or after will receive an automatic letter of regret.

No late applications are considered.

Applications can be emailed to OR post to:

The CSI Administrator

PO Box 6020

Parow East7501