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Telesonic Networks Limited

Leave Policy

Date of Issue


May 14, 2013

Effective Date


June 01, 2013

Document Owner

: Human Resource Department

Approved By

: Head HR

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Telesonic Networks Limited Leave Policy

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General Leaves








Leaves for Festivals / National Holidays








Leave without Pay






3.4 Maternity Leave








Paternity Leave






Leave Accumulation and Encashment

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General Guidelines






Deviations / Exceptions






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Telesonic Networks Limited Leave Policy

1. Objective

The objective of this policy is to encourage work-life balance and describe the number of leave that an employee is entitled to, in a calendar year.

2. Scope

The policy is applicable to all employees of Telesonic Networks Limited (hereinafter referred to as “The Company”).

For the purpose of this policy; the people who are on the employment rolls of The Company, on the day this policy comes into effect and employed thereafter, shall be deemed to be “employees”.

3. Entitlement

3.1 General Leaves

-All employees are entitled to 30 days General Leaves during a calendar year. These leaves shall include casual / sick / privilege / annual leaves.

-The leaves shall be calculated basis calendar year.

-Employees who join the Company after January 01 will be eligible for leaves on pro-rata basis.

-Out of total 30 days General Leaves, it is mandatory for employees to avail 15 days leave each year. Reporting Managers are to ensure that employees avail their 15 days of mandatory leave. These leaves can be taken all together or in batches (Ideally at least 5 leaves together).

-In case an employee does not avail 15 days mandatory leaves in a calendar year, the un- availed days out of these 15 leaves shall lapse at the end of business day on December 31 and only 15 days leave shall be carried forward subject to maximum accumulation of 60 days.

-Employee intending to proceed on leave for 5 days or more shall apply for the same at least 15 days in advance.

-In case of employee exiting in the middle of the year, the deduction of mandatory leaves shall be done on pro-rata basis.

Example: if an employee leaves in the month of June, then 7.5 leave (i.e.1.25*6) will be

deducted during the Full & Final Settlement.


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Telesonic Networks Limited Leave Policy

3.2 Leave for Festivals / National Holidays

-In addition to 30 days General Leaves, Company observes 10 National and Festival holidays, the list of which is published at the beginning of the calendar year.

-These holidays lapse at the end of calendar year and cannot be carried forward or enchased.

3.3 Leave without Pay

-An employee can apply for Leave without Pay, if there is insufficient / negative / no leave balance in his leave account, with approval from the Reporting Manager or HoD & the unit HR head.

-Leave without Pay is applicable in case an employee proceeds for leave without approval or when a post facto leave is not approved by the Reporting Manager or HoD & the unit HR head.

-The holidays / weekly offs falling within the period of this leave will not be paid for and salary will not be credited for the entire duration of Leave without Pay.

3.4 Maternity Leave

-For all employees (not covered under the ESI Act), maternity leave and benefits shall be granted as per Maternity Benefit Act. Employees covered under the ESI Act, the maternity leave and benefits shall be granted as per provisions of ESI Act.

-In both the cases, leave is allowed for a maximum of 12 weeks. In addition, the leave can be extended up to a maximum of 30 days for sickness related to pregnancy.

-In case of adoption of a child of less than 2 years of age, a maximum of 6 weeks of maternity leave may be granted. This leave shall be applicable up to a maximum of two children.

3.5 Paternity Leave

-Paternity leave shall be granted for a maximum of 3 days to all employees on account of childbirth or adoption of a child. This leave shall be applicable up to a maximum of two children.

4. Leave Accumulation and Encashment

-An employee will be allowed to accumulate a maximum of 60 days of leave.

-Any leave over and above this limit will lapse and will not be enchased.


Page 4

Telesonic Networks Limited Leave Policy

Example: If an employee has leave balance of 65 days as on December 31, then on January 01 the leave balance will show 60 days as the balance from last year plus the current year’s credit.

-The encashment of leaves shall be done at the time of separation of an employee only, subject to a maximum of 60 leaves.

-The encashment of leaves shall be done on the basis of last drawn basic salary of employee and its taxability would be determined as per the provisions of the Income Tax Act.

5. General Guidelines

-An employee shall apply for a leave through Leave Management System (LMS) only.

-Any holiday or weekly off preceding / succeeding / falling in between the leave period shall not be included for the purpose of calculation of leaves.

-In case where an employee has to take leave due to emergency, the same shall be communicated by the employee to Reporting Manager / HoD immediately. However, it will be the responsibility of the employee to take post facto sanction of such leave within seven

(7) working days of resumption of duty.

-The Company reserves the right to refer any employee to a doctor to ascertain the genuineness of sickness. Also in the event of prolonged sickness the Company can ask for a fitness certificate from the employee.

-While on leave, an employee cannot take any employment, part-time or otherwise. Any misuse of leave shall be treated as misconduct.

6. Deviations / Exceptions

- Any deviations from this policy would require prior approval from Head – Human Resources.

- Management reserves the right to modify or terminate this policy without prior notice.

7. Policy Owner

- This policy is owned by the Head – Human Resources.


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