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United Kingdom


At Pan-Ex Courier Servicea you can get full insurance coverage for your commercial goods, retail merchandise, vehicles, personal items & household goods. Our Marine Cargo Insurance Policy covers ocean cargo, air freight and land shipments.

INSURABLE INTEREST: You must have an interest in consignment meaning that you must be either owner, / receiver of the consignment in transit. Instructions to insure the shipment must be done prior to shipment departure or prior to any known or reported loss or incident.

SHORE COVERAGE: Your consignment is insured while it's on land (at the pier, dock, wharf, etc.) waiting to be loaded on ocean vessel or aircraft.

CONSIGNMENT SHIPMENTS: Consignment, Goods and merchandise shipped in containers, or flat racks, or trailers is insured subject to UNDER DECK terms. It doesn't matter if such goods are stowed under - and/or on-deck as long as the carrier issues an UNDER-DECK Bill of Lading. Most of the container carriers will provide an under-deck bill of lading due to the provisions that goods stowed on-deck are considered or deemed stowed under-deck.

PARTIAL LOSS: The insurance will replace the value of the damaged portion of the consignment and not the whole shipment unless total loss is reported.

WAR RISK: This policy protects your consignment against the risk of capture, seizure, destruction or damage by men-of-war, piracy, arrests, restrains, and other warlike operations.

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