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Download Opmod.421.23build23039 Here:




Handler Menu Setting

For Globe:

Disable CMWap: Mark Primary & Secondary Server: or FrontQuery: Reverse Proxy: Mark

Proxy Type: Host | RealHost Proxy Server:,

For Smart:

Primary & Secondary Server: or or

FrontQuery: @

NOTE: This trick (mms space trick) is NOT working for Nokia S40 & Sony Erikson Phones. Complete list of nokia series 40 (s40) - Thanks NhadX , PHC-Coderz, and all other modders


Phone Settings

Phone Menu > Settings > Configuration > Internet Profiles Settings:

-Connection name: SmartMMS


-Proxy: Enabled

-IP/Proxy Server Address:

-Proxy Port: 8080

-APN: mms

For some devices only:

-Mode: GPRS / 3G is better

-Network Type: IPV4

-Authentication: Normal

-Username: blank only

-Password: blank only


OperaMini 4.xx.xx HandlerUI (Choose the latest build release):

Click here to download Opera Mini Mod 4.xx.xx

Download > Install > Open Handler Menu


OperaMini HandlerUI Menu Settings

Smart Settings:

-Primary & Secondary Server: or or

-FrontQuery: @

NOTE: (may <space> between 2 and @ sa front query field)


Save > Always choose "Yes" in all prompt. Enjoy !

free mobile internet with Opera Mini browser. Simple tricks for 2G/3G mobile phones with no wifi. Browse, download ang apload. For Globe sim card, you don't need to have a regular load, remain it 0.00 balance. For smart sim, maintain a balance of 1 peso but you can still browse if you run out of airtime load.

New server trick for Opera Mini SMART

Opera Mini handler 4.2, 5.2, 6.0, 6.1, 6.5

custom http: or use this:

the trick here is we use this is just an option but you can still use the 238.

this is my current setting for Opera Mini custom http/primary server:

FYI: Smart is giving us a full free browsing treat just like Globe, yes we can now use our smart sim for mobile browser and other internet apps even if zero balance. Sorry guys for posting it late here, its just that i have to survey and test it myself for confirmation. Enjoy and browse until supply last!

New server trick for Opera Mini GLOBE

Opera Mini 4.2 Handler UI 132

primary server:

front query:

proxy type: host

proxy server:

mark remove port from url.

add port to non port URL:

Opera Mini 5.2 Multi

custom 1:

Opera Mini 6.1 Handler UI

front query:

proxy type: http

proxy server:

mark remove port from url.

add port to non port URL:

Connection: Myglobe connect

(see updated server trick for manual connection setting)

How to create an access point

Nokia s60v2, s60v3

Connection Setting for

Opera mini




Access points>


New acces point>

Use default setting>

Connection name: Operamini Access point name: (for globe) internet (for smart)


Advance settings>

(for globe)

Proxy serv. address: Proxy port: 8080

(for smart)

Proxy serv. address: Proxy port: 80

- See more at: opera-mini-handler#sthash.EDKppOsb.dpuf

FREE INTERNET for android phones ?? simulan na natin SMART

step 1. download and install the modded opera mini from the link

step 2. go to settings > wireless and networks > mobile networks > access point names > edit the config that has a green dot at the right side

settings : apn : mms

proxy: port : 8080

authentication type : none

apn type : Internet + MMS for samsung galaxy phones , dont change if your phone is not a samsung galaxy phone

step 3. save

* How to use ?

for Samsung Android Phones

-open Opera Mini 7.0.29952 Smart

-when it opens click the opera logo(the red big letter O) > settings > advanced > Protocol : Socket/http


for non Samsung Android Phones

-you must have an active wifi connection at first time(just to install opera mini)

-connect to a wifi network

-open Opera Mini 7.0.29952 Smart

-press Accept

-click the opera logo(the red big letter O) > settings > advanced > Protocol : Socket/http

-then turn off wifi ! and make sure that data is enabled !