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: Single Project CAR plus Third Party Liability Insurance






M/S Reema Capital Contracting LLC as main contractor & or Eisa



Saeed Eisa Al Khaili as principal & or Shadid Eng. Consultant as



consultant & or all their sub-contractor for their respective rights.



Contracting Company

Scope of Works


Construction of G+3 Podiums +18 Typical Floors+Roof “Duplex”



(Main work at proposed Building for Mr. Eisa Saeed Eisa Al Khaili



on plot No. BB,A05.025 at Business Bay, Dubai, UAE




Site of Construction / Location


Mr. Eisa Saeed Eisa Al Khaili on plot No. BB,A05.025 at Business



Bay, Dubai, UAE




Territorial Limits


United Arab Emirates






United Arab Emirates






24 months (12 months from DTA + 12 months maintenance period)









Any unforeseen and sudden physical loss or damage to



insured items (as mentioned hereunder) from any



cause other than those specifically excluded.






Indemnity against such sums which you will become legally



liable (other than those specifically excluded in the Policy) to



pay as damages consequent upon:



a. Accidental bodily injury to or illness of Third Parties.



b. Accidental loss or damage to property belonging to Third




Also Insurance Company will indemnify you against:

a.All costs and expenses of litigation recovered by any claimant from you.

b.All costs and expenses discussed with written consent of



Insurance Company




Sum Insured

: Section I – Material Damage





Contract Value

AED. 83,500,000/-




Removal of Debris

AED 50,000/-




Existing Property

AED 1,000,000/-




Temporary Facility

AED 500,000/-




Section II – Third Party Liability












Combined single Limit of Indemnity: AED 1,000,000 any one





occurrence & in the aggregate










Section I – Material Damage





a)Dhs 25,000/- each and every loss for Act of God, Fire &





Designer’s Risks.





b) Dhs 15,000/- each and every loss for Others.





c)Dhs 10,000/- each and every loss for Vibration, Removal or





Weakening of Support.





d) Dhs.7, 500/- each and every loss for Underground










Section II – Third Party Liability





c) Dhs 5,000/- each and every loss for property damage.





As per Munich Re Erection All Risk/ Third Party Liability





wordings plus the following:





Strike Riot and Civil Commotion





Cover for Cross Liability (MRE 002)





Extended Maintenance Cover





Expediting Expenses up to a limit of Dhs. 250,000 any one










Cover for extra charges for Airfreight (MRE 006) (limit: 20% of





claim amount each and every loss, subject to a maximum of





Dhs 200,000)





Cover for testing of Machinery and Installation -8 weeks





Inland Transit Risk limited to AED 300,000 any one occurrence





and in the aggregate (MRE 113)





Cover for designers risk (MRE 115)





Cover for insured contract works taken over or put into service





(MRE 116)





Vibration, Removal or Weakening of support (MRE 120) up to





Dhs 500,000 any one accident and in the aggregate, subject to





a deductible of 10% of amount of claim with a minimum of Dhs











Automatic Reinstatement Of Sum Insured subject to additional





premium not less than prorate to be agreed





Automatic extension clause up to 30 days, subject to loss ratio





below 60% and additional premium not less than prorata or to





be agreed.





Professional fees clause: limit 20% of claim Amount subject to





maximum of AED 100,000





Escalation Clause





Temporary Work Clause





Debris removal Clause with a maximum limit of AED 50,000





any one occurrence and In the aggregate





Time Adjustment Clause (72 hours clause)









Plans and documents Clause



Local Authorities Clause



Temporary Repairs up to AED 500,000



Designation of Property



Primary Insurance Clause



Payment on account Clause



Cover for Third Party Liability during maintenance period






Electronic data endorsement (NMA 2914)



Including Liability while equipment are used as Tools of Trade.



Political Exclusion Clause



War & terrorism exclusion clause (NMA 2919)



Nuclear risk exclusion clause (NMA 1975)



IT Clarification Clause



Asbestos Exclusion clause



Wet risk/offshore risks



CPE unless specifically declared and agreed



Willful act or willful negligence of the insured or of his






Consequential loss of any kind



Products and completed operations



Pure Financial loss



Excluding any loss or damage arising from Bad workmanship



and existing defects in structure or cracks or subsidence in



structure or corrosion in steel



Excluding fines, punitive and liquidated damage



Warranted that work areas to be cordoned off and no visitors



area allowed entry to such areas unless authorized



No smoking within construction site instruction to all the









0.3%o being an annual premium of AED 25,515/-Plus Dhs. 50/-